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Rhiannon is an Improvisational Dancer, Choreographer, Instructor, Model and Photographer.  Born and raised in Rochester Hills Michigan, she began dancing at the early age of two.  Rhiannon has extensive training in both contemporary and classical styles that include street, tap, jazz, modern, ballet and everything in between.  She began competing at national competitions and conventions at the age of eight.  Rhiannon has also performed with the Eisenhower Dance Ensemble, Fem Fetal Entertainment, Sesame Street Live, at Detroit Pistons Games and several festivals close to her hometown.  She began teaching at the age of six-teen and has had the honor of choreographing dance routines for several national winning competition teams.  Rhiannon attended Oakland University and Wayne State University with her main focus being in dance education.


At the age of twenty-two Rhiannon continued her training and challenged her performing skills in New York City.  There she intensively trained with cutting edge choreographers at Broadway Dance Center, BLADE Dance Academy, and many more.  Rhiannon has performed with the U.K. pop artist Gina G. and several emerging artist as well as professional dance companies in NYC.  She also had the privilege to choreographer dance routines for pre-professional students entering competitions in their  local region in NYC.


Currently Rhiannon is residing in the Los Angeles area where she is participating in a work-study program at the Debbie Reynolds Studio in North Hollywood.  Just recently she performed with the Blue13 Dance Company and now continues dancing to the beat of her own drum.


Although dancing has always been her main focus, her talents go beyond expressive movement.  Rhiannon has experienced working in the industry as an actress, promotional model and print model.  She also enjoys taking photographs of nature, architecture and urban life.  Rhiannon is inspired by working in an environment with others that will challenge her, allow her to emerge as an artist and continuously advance in the entertainment industry.